Project Girl Goes Global

Project Girl's Voices Without Borders initiative which began in 2010, has collective members engaged in cross cultural theatrical collaboration with young leaders throughout the world who are creating change in their communities. The objective of this program is to use the performing arts to shed light on conflict areas and global women's issues by working closely with local NGOs and youth organizations.


Project Girls, ages 14 and up are invited to be part of Voices Without Borders upon demonstrating an interest and passion for global human rights work. 

Voices Without Borders team with Jane Fonda at TEDxWomen

Voices Without Borders Productions


Produced by Jessica Greer Morris

Directed by Ashley Marinaccio

Assistant Directed/Stage Managed by Sara Lyons 

Featuring: Deanna Alexandra, Monica Furman, Dominique Fishback, Karen Vigo, Sophie Walker, Jaida Forman, Tracey Hassel, Danielle Walker, Georgie Exinord, Aya Abdelaziz, Molly Kirschner, Jenna Francis, Samantha Phillips, Jai Raphael 

About: Trafficked tells the story sex slavery and child exploitation through the eyes of fifteen young women across the globe. In an ensemble devised performance constructed by interviews, research and media, the cast puts a name and face to the thousands of undocumented girls and boys who aretrafficked into the billion dollar sex industry each year.  



Part of Project Girl Performance Collective's "Voices Without Borders" Series

Produced by Jessica Greer Morris

Directed by Emily Rupp

Featuring Emily Rupp, Dominique Fishback, Monica Furman, Karen Vigo and Deanna Alexandra

About: The United Nations works to protect children around the world, by combating the practice of forcing young girls to marry (often older men) and lose the opportunity for an education, a career and quality of life with the risk of HIV and the possibly death from high-risk pregnancies.  The Girl Up United Nations Foundation is taking Project Girl Performance Collective on to raise awareness about this global epidemic.



Part of Project Girl Performance Collective's "Voices Without Borders" Series

Conceived and Developed by Jessica Greer Morris

Directed by Ashley Marinaccio

About: Project Girl: Congo is a showcase of theatre, dance, music, monologues, poetry and activism devised by Project Girl Performance Collective members and youth leaders living and working in Congo. Project Girl: Congo addresses of the atrocities of war and rape affecting women in the Congo. Project Girl: Congo has been featured at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meeting in March, 2011 and is currently on a US tour with the Panzi Hospital Foundation.